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Practicing Compassion

The Buddha taught us to be compassionate. That is to sincerely¬†want to alleviate the suffering of others. Not just our family and friends but of ALL others. ALL sentient beings. [A sentient being is characterised by having consciousness or sensory … Continue reading

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Vegetarian Recipe of the Week #2

My husband has been in London the past two weeks so my experiments in the kitchen haven’t been forthcoming. Not enough people to eat the leftovers! I did find that I ate virtually no meat. I say virtually as I … Continue reading

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Thank you!

I was woken up at 5am this morning by my son who wanted to watch TV. After some heavy negotiations I lost the battle around 5:30am when he was ramping up to such a volume that would wake #2. I … Continue reading

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True Love is without Attachment – Teaching from 28.8.11

Tonight’s class was not about any one topic but as it was the last class with this particular teacher he commenced with a longer than usual meditation and then just opened the floor to questions.¬† One question, which I think … Continue reading

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