Thank you!

I was woken up at 5am this morning by my son who wanted to watch TV. After some heavy negotiations I lost the battle around 5:30am when he was ramping up to such a volume that would wake #2. I went back to bed vainly hoping I might get a few more minutes of sleep but the sound of Teletubbies proved to be too disturbing so I decided to have a shower. As soon as I had the shampoo in my hair I could hear #2 wake up and start crying. So, not quite dry and with dripping hair I race out to get him out of his cot after which the three of us headed downstairs for breakfast.  And so my day begins…

I’ve been awake for 3 hours and have only just been able to grab a moment for myself. Toast, coffee, and a book I picked up from the Centre on Monday night Teachings from Tibet. Guidance from Great Lamas. I’m only still up to the Editor’s Introduction but as I was reading about this precious human rebirth it suddenly dawned on me how incredibly lucky I am to have found the Dharma again in this life. I strongly believe that I was a Buddhist in at least one of my previous lives and there are several factors for this: –

1) My parents are not religious or spiritual. Nor were my grandparents. Yet I was drawn to religion and the church from an early age. Having said that, as a young teenager something didn’t quite sit right with me with the Christian religions I was surrounded by.

2) At 17 when I read my first book on Buddhism I instantly knew that that was what I believed in. Some paragraphs felt so familiar that I remember thinking it was like someone had written a book from the thoughts in my head.

3) It has never been a struggle for me (nor was it a shock) to read about such concepts as there is no Self, or Karma or the idea of one-ness. It was more like “yeah I kinda knew that”. Even now as I am learning more things it never feels “new”, but rather it just feels like I’m dusting off an old book from the bookshelf that I read a long long time ago.

So I just wanted to rejoice that I have been able to find the Dharma again and to continue on my efforts of previous lives. May I remain dedicated and motivated to my practice in this life so that I may be at least one lifetime closer to becoming a Buddha.

Gratefully yours,



About Mahayana Mum

A wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, neighbour and modern western woman trying to reconcile her life with the teachings of the Buddha.
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