Vegetarian Recipe of the Week #2

My husband has been in London the past two weeks so my experiments in the kitchen haven’t been forthcoming. Not enough people to eat the leftovers! I did find that I ate virtually no meat. I say virtually as I did eat a little of my kids meals in an effort to encourage them to eat (“Look! Mummy’s eating some. Mmm… Yummy!”).  I am not going to force my beliefs on them and meat and fish are things they will eat with the occasional pea being the only vegetable. As a result, they are not vegetarian.

What I did do was try recreate the delicious dish I had at Brown Cow the other week with the result above. It’s no photo finish but I was absolutely exhausted so forgive the appearance.

I used store bought hash browns but if I had the time I would just boil some potatos, roughly chop, press into an egg ring and fry them till just crispy and golden brown. In the other half of the fry pan (moderate to low heat) I added some chopped, organic roma tomatos (Brown Cow use semi-dried but I actually preferred the fresh stuff) and cubes of goat’s feta which had been marinated in rosemary. I let this simmer, gently stirring so it didn’t stick to the bottom of the pan until the tomato started to soften and the feta went all gooey.

Meanwhile I had an egg poaching and had diced some avocado. When all was cooked I gently tossed the tomato and feta mix in with the diced avocado, piled it on top of the hash brown and then delicately placed the egg on top of this. Season to taste.

Though my preparation and presentation was rough it tasted delicious and with only a little bit more time and tenderness it could also look spectacular as well. A great one for Mother’s or Father’s Day! I plan to make this for my husband as a treat one Sunday morning.

I am keen to also experiment with capisicum, red onion and variety of fresh herbs too. Enjoy!



About Mahayana Mum

A wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, neighbour and modern western woman trying to reconcile her life with the teachings of the Buddha.
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