About Me

I used to be a practicing Buddhist. That is, I meditated daily, I attended weekly Buddhist teachings, I was Vegetarian, I shaved my head and I could pack up all of my belongings into a few boxes. Then gradually I allowed the sumptuous and plentiful desires (read: delusions) that come with Western culture to get in the way. I married, I had children and life swept me off my path. I have many, many things now. Beautiful things. I am fortunate to live a very comfortable existence. I get my hair done every 6 weeks. My wardrobe alone wouldn’t fit into a few boxes and a few expensive designer labels have even started to creep in there. I don’t pay much attention to the price of food and my trolley is always full of food, including many delicacies. I feel inauthentic in my current approach to life but in Buddhism I have feelings of being ‘home’. I now struggle to bridge the gap between my life as a mother, wife and modern western woman and my desire to once again be a practicing Buddhist.

You could argue that my entire existence at the moment is largely concerned with the superficial. I have many delusions that’s for sure! So while through my meditating I hope to become aware of the much finer and subtle levels of my delusions, through my blogging I hope to intellectually strike a balance between my current way of life and the life of a Buddhist.

I ‘ll share this journey here, for a time being, in order to keep myself on the path and accountable. I will insert extracts from texts highlighting various Buddhist themes, teachings and techniques so that other’s may get something out of it. I still remember the first book I read which mentioned Buddhism. It was like a light bulb switched on in my head and I clearly remember thinking “So that’s what I am. I’m a Buddhist!”. I was 17. So if someone reads those extracts and has the same urge to find out more, than I have done something good in writing this blog.

I will dedicate any understandings and all merit I gain from sharing these writings to my personal liberation from suffering in order to promote the same cessation of suffering and well being for my children, my husband, my family, my friends and ultimately all sentient beings.


Mahayana Mum (MM)


2 Responses to About Me

  1. Hello MM,

    It has been a while, a happy new year to you. I see the last time you blogged was right about the time I last blogged. Since then, life sort of took over. I had another baby girl and with work, you can guess the rest. There hasn’t been time to meditate let alone blog about Buddhist teachings.

    Why am I writing? Hopefully, to convince you to restart blogging as a way of encouraging me to restart as well. And if we blog again, we might be inspired to practice again (unless you have been better than me and carried on practicing and not blogging).

    So anyway, just wanted to drop you a line and say I will be blogging again soon. How and when I will find the time is a mystery to me. All I know that if I put enough importance in it, it will happy.

    May the light of the way shine on you and your family now and forever more.


  2. Dear Mahayana mum,

    Greetings, this is the mindful warrior. Thank you for subscribing to my blog. I had only started it a few days ago and didn`t really expect anyone to subscribe for a while (if ever!) I am honoured and so happy you did so. It has also allowed me to find your blog. I`ve just read a few of your posts and will read more when time permits. I also just asked to subscribe to it. From what I`ve read, I think you and I are on the same path, a path we both chose at different times of our lives for different reasons, I guess when the penny dropped. Like you, my experience with Buddhism was profound and life changing, and like you, the blog is my way of sharing what few insights I have. For what it`s worth, getting connected with a fellow minded person has given me even more courage to go forth and write. Thank you.

    I would just like to say that just because you don`t follow the dharma to the letter, doesn`t me you`re not a good buddhist. We can all do so much, and to different degrees. But if you are able to “be” in the moment, mindful as much as you can, then that is the best place to be. I think just your awareness and your chosen path are courageous steps to have taken. And that fact that you`re writing a blog to share your insights is already a really good service to provide. Well done and more courage and strength to you to move forward, one step at a time.

    Looking forward to reading more soon. Till then, take care.
    Mindfully yours,
    the mindful warrior

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